Martina Wärenfeldtin workshop huhtikuussa Suomessa

Palkittu ruotsalaisvalokuvaaja, fine art -muotokuvien kuningatar ja kaiken puolin muutenkin mahtava lady Martina Wärenfeldt saapuu huhtikuussa Suomeen Suomen Ammattivalokuvaajat ry:n vieraaksi pitämään workshopia!
Workshop hyvien kulkuyhteyksien päässä Tampereella 17.4.2024. Paikkoja on tarjolla rajoitetusti, joten ilmoittaudu nopeasti ja varmista omasi, worskhopin hinta 500/530€ (jäsen/ei jäsen).
Martina Wärenfeldt

A day of the artistry and technique behind timeless fine art portraits

Join me for a one-day workshop where we’ll unlock the secrets to capturing portraits that echo the elegance of old master paintings while infusing them with a contemporary twist.

Enjoy a day at the studio filled with like-minded photographers, buzzing with creativity and a shared passion for the craft.

Throughout the day, we’ll explore everything from lighting techniques that sculpt the face with painterly precision to posing that evokes emotion and storytelling. Get ready to elevate your portrait game as we deep dive into composition, color theory, and styling.

But it’s not just about technical know-how. We’ll also talk about inspiration, how to find it and how to make that inspiration into your own special creation.

We will finish the day with a session of editing where I go through my process from raw file to art piece.

By the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with not only a new found appreciation for the art of fine art portraiture but also practical skills and insights to take your photography to the next level. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, this workshop promises to inspire, challenge, and ignite your passion for creating stunning and artistic portraits.

Key takeaways include:

1. Lighting techniques
2. Elevating your posing skills.
3. Exploring composition and color theory
4. The art of connection with your subjects.
5. Infusing your portraits with a timeless elegance inspired by the old masters through the editing process

Join me for a day filled with inspiration, learning, and endless possibilities behind the lens. Let’s create magic together!